Design and Development

The original idea for the LA-01 came well before the first sketch drawings. The aim was to produce a fun, technical watch – and right from the outset, it was decided that it should have a visible balance wheel positioned at twelve o’clock. Not only that; since the vast majority of watches are round, Anthony Simao also decided from the start that this one should be different, with a more rectangular shape. Lastly, the timepiece should create an impression of depth, featuring striking architecture on multiple levels, offering a plunging view of the movement.

The stylistic approach to the watch involved portraying an overall sense of lightness. This led to the decision to have a movement made from aluminium. Not only is aluminium very lightweight, its chemical properties allow it to be tinted in a whole range of shades and benefit from a range of different finishes. All this makes it ideal for the Fine Watchmaking finishes that will be used for top-of-the-range LORNET models in the future.