A french


The Lornet LA-01 is the only watch developed, manufactured and assembled in France.

Purchase a Lornet is a contribution the the re-born of french watchmaking know-how and demonstrate the craftsmen’s skills in an mix of luxury, innovations and traditions: watchmaking.

The aim: un french luxurious product. Lornet succeed to gather many craftsmen and company around a same project:

  • Createch in Besancon : Case, caliber and buckle machining
  • Cheval Frères in Besançon : Crown and black lacquer
  • La Pratique in Morteau : Hands (Hour, Minutes and Seconds)
  • Baron in Grand-Combes : Turning operations 
  • Perrenoud in Charquemont : Turning operations
  • Créations Perrin in Orchamps-Vennes : Alligator leather straps
  • Novodess in Morteau : Design
  • Laquer at Les Ecorces : Color treatments
  • Boillod at  Les Fins : Polishing 
  • Jacquemin in Cramans : Presentation boxes